June 2017 – Current

Pre-Flight, Site Support Engineer

Apple Inc.

Debugging across Mac OS, iOS, Watch OS with onsite engineers at Apple campuses to deploy resolutions. Continued as Senior Advisor while also building and maintaining internal web resources in JavaScript.

June 2015 – Current

Senior Advisor

Apple Inc.

Won two awards and placed among the top 50 performers at Apple support. Worked with engineers to track and resolve issues across Mac OS, iOS, WatchOS & iCloud. Built and maintained internal web resources in JavaScript.

June 2014 – May 2015

Account Security Advisor

Apple Inc.

Promoted after performing within the top 100 of the entire org at Apple. Received an ACEA award from Apple and began full-time after graduating CU Boulder.

Jun 2013 – May 2014

College Program

Apple Inc.

Hired out of thousands of applicants for Apple’s first technical recruitment at University of Colorado Boulder. Out of the twenty-five hired, I distinguished myself as a consistent top performer in debugging and issue resolution.



Software Engineering

Flatiron School

Ruby, Sinatra and KPI tracking for product management and enterprise. OOP. Git, HTML5 & CSS UIs for web applications and created organized front ends using SASS. JavaScript, Node.js & React. Redux & Rails. Technical concentration on the most advanced tools available in JS. NoSQL databases like Mongo, created databases at scale. Focused on design patterns to create data-driven approaches to increasing application performance. Front end specialized in HTML5, CSS, SASS $ D3.


Computer Science

University of Colorado at Boulder

Online 40 credit hour Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from University of Colorado Boulder. C#, Python, iOS development, artificial intelligence, intro to data science, machine learning, augmented reality.


Bachelors of Fine Art

University of Colorado at Boulder

Extra Curriculars: Student Board of College of Fine Art, Elected Student Governor for College of Arts & Sciences, Student Liaison to the Dean of College of Arts And Sciences, National Collegate Honor Society, CU Hiking Club, CU Intermural Diving Team, CU Stampede Leadership Camp, Creating Change Diversity Conference, Inclusivity and Leadership Training & Spanish Club.

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Coding Skills

Ruby on Rails

JavaScript, React, Node & Redux

Next.js & Vue.js


NoSQL, MongoDB & Postgres

Python & Django

C / C++


Amazon Web Services

Google Cloud SDK




Design Skills







Isabella Summers

Florence & The Machine

David is a talented photographer and visual artist. We met as neighbors in Hollywood. He’s a great friend.

Alice Morgan

Chemist / Freelancer

David is a great friend and talented programmer. We worked together at WeWork and I’m excited to see where he’s off to next.

Jason Wilson

Lab Geek / Miami Metro

David is an excellent web developer and programmer. I love his paintings and have collected a few originals now. Definitely a no-brainer hire.

Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook, Inc.

I stole all of David’s private data and couldn’t find anything incriminating. So there’s that.